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Conquer The Day

Apr 18, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to approach fitness to make it a permanent part of your life.

The key habits behind sustainable progress, even after you hit your hit.

How to garner support from your spouse in your fitness journey.


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Show Notes:

You’ve finally made real progress on your health & fitness journey! … Now, how do you keep it? Today, we wanted to share our interview from The Barbell Lifestyle podcast with hosts Marissa Roy and Christina Lynn! In this interview, we talk about how you can approach fitness in a way that creates lasting transformation in your life! As we go, we discuss the keys to sustainable progress, making your health a priority, and conditioning yourself to be who you want to be, even after you’ve hit your goals. How do you get your spouse to support you? What does your personal growth have to do with fitness? How can you get the results you want to see, and how do you get them to last? We’re answering these and even more, so don’t miss out on making your permanent progress a reality!

00:00 Introducing our interview from The Barbell Lifestyle podcast with Marissa Roy and Christina Lynn!

03:00 How did your health journeys bring you to where you are today?

09:20 How did your relationship impact your personal growth and business?

11:00 What small mentalities did you have to outgrow?

15:05 What helped you break the cycle?

19:30 How does your surroundings affect your progress?

22:00 The push & pull of progress.

25:15 How can you condition yourself to be who you want to be?

28:25 Turning discomfort into your comfort zone for better growth.

31:25 Why do we need clear vision to get results?

35:45 How does personal growth relate to fitness?

37:45 What are the responsibilities of the coach and of the client?

40:00 How to get your spouse to support your fitness journey.

46:50 What key habits help make a lasting transformation?

50:55 What is one simple tip to live your healthiest, sustainable lifestyle?