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Conquer The Day

Feb 28, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to improve your pelvic health to improve your overall health and wellness.

  • The benefits of focusing on your pelvic health.

  • Defining the pelvic floor: how to strengthen and assess it on your own.


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Show Notes:

What do constipation, erectile dysfunction, and bloating all have in common? They’re all connected to one important thing we tend to overlook: your pelvic health! Today, we’re learning all about pelvic health with Brooke Miller, owner of PeakRx Therapy, a performance ortho-pelvic physical therapy clinic! Brooke is an orthopedic clinical specialist with a background in personal training, who now helps her clients discover and take care of their pelvic floor for better performance and wellbeing. In this episode, you’ll learn about the benefits of improving your pelvic health, how to self-assess your pelvic floor, understand what the natural seasons of pelvic health looks like for men and women, and even more! Find out how you can take better care of your whole body starting from your pelvis!

01:15 Introducing Brooke Miller, the owner of PeakRx Therapy, a performance ortho-pelvic physical therapy clinic!

02:45 What are the benefits of focusing on pelvic health?

06:15 What does pelvic health encompass?

07:30 Unpacking the pelvic floor.

09:50 How do you assess it?

13:25 What is your role as a physical therapist in improving someone’s pelvic floor?

16:50 How can someone self-assess?

20:45 What are sexual health indicators for females?

24:20 Seasons of pelvic health.

29:00 How can pregnant women approach training?

32:35 How can you strengthen yourself during pregnancy?

34:25 What exercises should you avoid?

36:35 How would you change the approach to postpartum?

40:20 What made you shift from orthopedics to pelvic health?

43:20 What has been your experience with MS?

45:50 Why is it important to be proactive in our lives?

51:15 What is your favorite book?

51:55 What is one question everyone should ask themselves?

52:40 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?