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Conquer The Day

Apr 25, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to get unstuck and begin your healing process.

The tools to upgrade your identity.

Embracing self development to move towards your full potential.


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From Wild Man to Wise Man by Richard Rohr and Joseph Martos

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Show Notes:

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel trapped in a state of stress? If you’re a high performer looking to reach their full potential, then this episode is for you! Today, we’re learning how to peel back the layers to begin healing and usher in new opportunities for self development with power couple, Jake Kauffman and Keri Ford! From restaurant employee to healthcare salesman to successful coach, Jake is now a personal transformation coach, author, and speaker. Keri is a holistic life coach, motivational speaker, and author who helps modern day women overcome anxiety to live the life they love. Our conversation goes deep as we explore the inner work it takes to get to the roots, increase awareness of your body, upgrade your identity, and even more – all so you can reach your full potential. Find out how you can never get stuck again!

01:30 Meet the power couple, Keri Ford and Jake Kauffman, life & transformation coaches, authors, and speakers!

03:00 What led you to coaching?

07:15 What does it mean to acknowledge abuse and trauma?

09:25 Why do we get stuck?

13:15 Feeling safe in your nervous system.

15:00 How do you build awareness in your body?

17:45 How can you reframe your strength to foster growth?

20:15 The issue with overcorrecting.

24:20 What are some unconscious responses to pushing ourselves?

29:15 How do you start healing?

32:05 What would you say to someone who rejects doing the deep work?

36:40 What do you do when you get stuck?

38:55 Psychology over skill.

41:05 How do you upgrade your identity?

46:35 How do you approach self development without falling to procrastination?

50:00 Putting it all on the line.

53:25 What is one book that has impacted your life more than any other?

55:25 What is one question everyone should ask themselves?

55:55 What is your definition of paradise?