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Conquer The Day

Jan 10, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The keys to adapting, adjusting, overcoming, and defying the odds.

The mindset you need to help your body grow.

How to fully understand your body, whatever shape or size.


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Show Notes:

How do you embrace your adaptability and defy all odds? Today’s special guest is Allison Warrell, a professional bodybuilder with achondroplasia dwarfism and the shortest person to have competed in the NPC! Allie shares her fitness journey and all the mental and physical pivots she made to defy the odds and get to where she is now. During this episode, we’ll talk about the power of adaptability, how to develop a mindset of getting your body to grow, the key to finding your inner fire, and more. How do you get in tune and figure out how your body works? What is the best way to learn? How can you rise above your limitations? Maximize your mindset and learn how to adapt, overcome, and conquer your day!


01:35 Meet the master of practical optimism and the shortest person to compete in the NPC, Allie Warrell!

03:35 Where did your motto come from?

05:55 How did you develop your mindset?

09:30 Did you ever receive pushback as you were growing up?

11:45 What do you wish people understood more about your condition?

16:45 What do you love the most about fitness?

17:50 How did you get to the point of bodybuilding?

22:50 How did you feel going from 140 to 100 pounds?

25:30 What adaptations did you make to get your body to grow?

29:15 Figuring out how your body works.

32:30 What are the keys to finding your fire?

36:00 What was your first contest like?

39:50 How can you shift your mindset around asking for help?

44:50 What is the best way to learn?

46:45 What is one book that has changed your life?

48:00 What is your ideal day?

50:20 What is one habit that helps you conquer your day?

51:00 Who are you collabing with?