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Conquer The Day

Sep 6, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Alternative healing practices for your mind and body in response to trauma and suffering.
  • Where to begin on your healing journey.
  • Energy in relation to healing practices, including how to release and restore it.


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The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson


There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by Louis Sachar


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Show Notes:

Do you know the true power of healing and what it can do for your mind, body, and spirit? Geeti Shirazi Mahajan is joining us today to speak and share about healing from both a clinical and spiritual perspective. Geeti is a practicing psychotherapist and alternative healer who has lived through her own healing journey from childhood trauma. Our informative conversation will cover the healing process: where to begin, why it benefits us, and how we can offer support to others as they go through their individual journeys. We’ll also explore the non-traditional, alternative aspects of the art, such as energy, chakra, and aura in relation to healing. So wherever you may be in your journey, come and walk the path of healing with us!


02:10 Say hello to Geeti, a practicing psychotherapist and alternative healer with two private practices for psychotherapy and wellness!

03:35 How do you define healing?

05:50 What are some indications that someone may benefit from healing?

09:30 What led you to your healing work?

12:45 How did your childhood trauma affect your healing journey?

16:10 Facing fear and embracing your courage.

20:25 How do we become aware of the impact of trauma?

25:10 How can someone lean into healing after recognizing trauma?

28:55 Why is healing an art, a skill, and a journey?

30:20 Energy and the healing process.

33:50 Where does energy come from? How do we release it and cultivate it?

35:45 What is reiki and how do you practice it?

39:00 How can someone support another person in their healing journey?

43:35 How do you find a real, genuine healer?

45:20 Is there a “wrong door” to healing?

47:40 Where is the balance between traditional and alternative healing modalities?

51:05 What is your favorite book?

51:20 What is your ideal day?

51:35 What advice would you give yourself 10 years from now?

51:45 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?