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Conquer The Day

Sep 20, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Erin and Jordan talk all about building your empire with your partner, from evolving beliefs, communicating in your partnership in and out of business, and advice they would give someone that feels called to start their own business.


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Show Notes:

We have another power couple joining us on the podcast! Erin and Jordan Dugger are joining us sharing what their journey has looked like going from friends to becoming partners in life, business, and parenthood! Founders of Impact Fitness Coaching, Erin and Jordan talk about the beliefs and glass ceilings they had to shatter in order to build their company to 7 figures and beyond! We dive into everything from how they met and went from friends to dating, things they do to intentionally communicate and stay close as a couple, and what it looks like to push and support each other in business. As experts and mentors in the health and wellness coaching industry, they also share the importance of BOTH hiring mentors and trusting your gut as the person who knows you and your business best! They also share some fun details as they talk about their experiences as new parents! With this wide range of topics we cover in this episode, we’d love to hear what resonated with YOU most! Leave us a review and tag us on Instagram with your biggest takeaway!

03:30 Meet the Founders of Impact Fitness Coaching, Erin & Jordan Dugger. 

05:00 What was going on in your lives when you met?

11:15 What did it look like when you decided to go into business together?

17:15 Tips for communicating when you work with your partner.

22:20 How experiences with MDMA have helped us grow closer as a couple.

25:00 What has led you to share your experiences so vulnerably?

30:30 The limiting beliefs that had to change in order for Erin & Jordan to scale their business.

35:15 How do you support someone else’s belief in themselves or a bigger vision?

39:40 What has been the most rewarding part of building your company?

43:50 How have mentors impacted your growth over the past couple of years?

46:30 Advice for those that are at the beginning of pursuing something they feel called to.

51:00 What are some moments of gratitude you’ve had as you have become parents?

54:30 A book that has changed my life.

55:40 What does your ideal day look like?

57:00 What advice would you give yourself 10 years from now?

58:15 What is one habit you need in order to conquer your day?