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Conquer The Day

Mar 22, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The three rules to mastering consistency.
  • What causes people to get stuck, and how to get unstuck.
  • How to show up for yourself every day, every season.


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Show Notes:

Do you want to know the key to consistency? Today, we’ll be going over three simple and effective rules to help you master consistency! Do you struggle with self-control? Do you feel stuck? Have you fallen off from your routine and just can’t get back into it? Worry no longer, because we’re sharing the toolset you’ll need to get back on track and stay there. By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to show up any day of the week during any season in your life! It’s time for you to take action, find your focus, and keep your consistency once and for all!

01:45 Get ready for our first ever live event!

03:30 What are the three rules to consistency?

04:45 When have you struggled with keeping consistent?

07:25 Can working out solve all your problems?

08:45 What causes people to get stuck? How do you get unstuck?

10:40 How do you create clarity?

13:55 The value of planning ahead.

14:55 Why should you be setting boundaries?

17:25 How can you become more consistent?