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Conquer The Day

Nov 22, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The best practices for weight loss maintenance.
  • Four key parts to help you overcome the yo-yo effect.
  • What causes people to regain weight after losing it.


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Show Notes:

You know how to lose weight, but do you know how to keep it off? Today, Lindsey is going over the best practices for sustainable, realistic weight loss by sharing CTD’s four part cure to the yo-yo effect! This episode will teach you how to reframe your mentality, implement new habits, find your minimums, and even more, so you can start creating lasting results you want to see. Don’t let the yo-yo effect tie you down any longer! Discover the roadmap to successful and permanent weight loss by taking better care of your mind, health, and body!

01:50 What is the yo-yo effect?

04:25 Why do people regain weight?

10:20 How can we build a lifestyle alongside our bodies?

15:50 Adopting your minimums.

18:20 Why do we need habits for awareness?

22:00 What should we commit to?

25:50 What is the four part cure for the yo-yo effect?