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Conquer The Day

Apr 20, 2021

Have you ever sat down to meditate and instantly been hit with “squirrel brain”? If so, Mindfulness Expert Sumedha Ganjoo is here to tell you you’re doing it right! Sumedha is a Software Engineer by education, Product Manager by Profession and her passion is being a Mindfulness Expert having spent over 5,000 in her own mindfulness and emotional training. In this episode, Sumedha shares how she turned to mindfulness due to necessity, and how she broke her own preconceived notions about what meditation and energy work is. Tune in for ways you can change how you experience life through perspective shifts, intention, and breaking down what mindfulness practices can look like in your daily life!


02:25 Meet Sumedha! 

04:00 How do you contextualize Mindfulness?

07:30 What did your journey look like getting into energy work?

09:15 What is the difference between your intention and your patterns?

12:30 What let you to seek out mindfulness?

15:40 How far into learning did you realize mindfulness is 

19:00 How can we approach meditation when it is new and feels difficult?

25:30 Where are you now after having dedicated yourself to mindfulness and awareness around your emotions?

31:15 How do you recognize when you’re finding yourself return to old habits you want to change?

37:30 Ways you can use life to change your state and emotions.

42:00 What are some simple practices we can incorporate into our day?

48:20 How you can use movement to help you work through emotions and unique needs!

51:00 What does meditation mean, does it have to look the same each time for everyone?

54:30 How can we live a more intentional life?

Check out this book | Atomic Habits by James Clear


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