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Conquer The Day

Apr 20, 2021

Welcome to the very first episode of Conquer the Day! Our hosts Brian Pickowicz and Lindsey Rago are sharing their stories of how building confidence and resilience through fitness has affected every other area of their lives. From changing career paths to big moves, and following their passions, they know from experience how changing your habits, will change your life! At the end of the day, the goal is to build a beautiful life. This episode is the beginning of many conversations to come about how you can build your own beautiful life with intention, and set yourself up for success….to Conquer the Day!

01:30 What is the fitness project?

04:00 What goes into building a beautiful life?

05:40 You are the “base”! 

09:00 How do I know when to push myself, and when I should be still?

11:15 What was your journey like, turning your passion into a business?

15:30 How did you go from struggling with your weight to stepping on stage?

20:00 What lessons in fitness translate to everything else you do in life?

21:30 What gave you the confidence to change your career path and go all-in on your own business?

26:00 What you can expect here on Conquer The Day!



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