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Conquer The Day

Apr 27, 2021

62 and a half miles in 17 hours. Our host Brian completed his very first Ultra Marathon and in this episode, he and Lindsey are sharing what that experience was like! As you can imagine, running a marathon multiple times over was a tough physical challenge, but on top of that Brian shares the range of emotions and mental strain he experienced completing a race of that magnitude! From pushing through pain to riding the waves of emotional highs and lows, this episode is full of lessons on grit, determination, and mental fortitude in different ways than you might initially think! Tune in to hear about Brian’s 62 and a half mile experience, and Lindsey's perspective supporting him and finishing the last loop by his side!


02:30 Have you always been a runner?

04:10 What is an Ultra Marathon?

05:10 Why an Ultra Marathon?

08:50 What did your journey look like running other races leading up to the Ultra Marathon?

12:00 What was the morning of race day like?

14:45 The high point of the race!

17:30 How did you adjust mentally when you made a wrong turn?

19:30 How are our experiences affected by our words?

23:45 Lessons learned from feeling weak and pushing through!

27:20 The hardest part of the run.

31:45 What was going through your mind as night fell?

37:30 What did it mean to be able to share the experience of ending the race together?

39:00 The Phoenix rising from the ashes.

42:45 Lindsey’s favorite moment of the race.

45:30 How did it feel to cross the finish line?

46:30 Takeaways for Listeners.

50:20 Lindsey’s personal lessons from the race.




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