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Conquer The Day

Jun 29, 2021

We’re conquering the day by conquering our discipline! In this episode, we’ll talk about what discipline means for you, how to find it, cultivate it, and breakthrough the challenges and obstacles that are stopping you from being fully empowered! We’re sharing the four B’s - belief, building resiliency, beating procrastination, and balance - so you can find your point of focus and hit all your targets! Because at the end of the day, discipline is defined by you, for you!


01:00 Let’s cultivate confidence and give ourselves grace

02:05 Reviewer of the week!

02:45 Discipline is something you can learn and create!

06:30 What is your discipline?

08:35 The secret ingredient to Freedom!

09:50 What discipline is NOT.

12:10 Ways discipline is unique to you as an individual.

14:25 What will allow you to hit your target?

16:20 What is required to have discipline?

17:00 Belief: What beliefs stop you from progressing?

20:20 Building: How do we build resiliency?

23:40 Beating: How can we beat back procrastination?

26:55 Balance: What is grace?

Check out Jocko Podcast and Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink mentioned in this episode!


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