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Conquer The Day

Apr 16, 2021

If you’re an ambitious professional, seeking to better your body, master your mind, and elevate your spirit, Conquer the Day hosted by Brian Pickowicz and Lindsey Rago is the podcast for you. 


Brian and Lindsey are seasoned fitness and wellness coaches who help their clients ascend to the next level of their life by building practical, actionable habits into their daily routines. 


This podcast brings a raw, open dialogue on the tactics and strategies you need to get incredible results and build a healthy life while learning to better manage the other areas of life that matter most. 


From experts in nutrition, physical fitness, personal growth, mindfulness, and relationship habits Conquer the Day brings on experts from every field to everything you need to live a more active, fulfilling life. 


Our mission is to create a weekly experience that gives you a jumpstart, gets you moving, and helps you become the leader, you’ve always wanted to be! 


Tune in and together, let’s Conquer the Day!