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Conquer The Day

Jul 5, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What supplements are, how & where to get started, and what you should look for in a high quality product.

How one company disrupted the supplement industry to make an impact.

The shift towards educated consumerism versus aggressive, misleading marketing.


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Show Notes:

Have you ever wondered what supplement is right for you? Today, we have the founder & CEO of Morphogen Nutrition, Ben Hartman, here to educate us on supplementation! We first begin with Ben’s story to follow his journey in the world of health & fitness. We’ll explore his business mission as we take a close look at the supplement industry and how Morphogen is working to create change within it.


Then, we shift gears to focus on all things supplementation! How do you know when a product is high quality? What should you look for and where do you begin? How can you tell when a supplement is making an impact? If you’re looking for a product that can help support your body, then allow us to enlighten you! Are you ready to feel and function at your best?

0:02:05 Introducing the man who disrupted the supplement industry through quality products, Ben Hartman, CEO of Morphogen Nutrition!

0:07:05 What sparked your interest in fitness & wellness?

0:10:35 How did you manifest your focus and mindset?

0:13:20 When did you hone in on supplementation?

0:17:35 What led you to making a supplement company?

0:20:45 What aspect has been the most rewarding from the return?

0:24:45 What did you intend to change within the industry when you started Morphogen?

0:28:05 Disrupting the industry. 

0:31:15 How has your company evolved?

0:32:35 Combating aggressive marketing from social media influencers with proper information.

0:35:05 How can we shift to educated consumerism?

0:37:35 What caused you to reach out to more consumers?

0:39:05 What is a supplement?

0:41:00 Natural versus unnatural supplements.

0:44:45 Where should someone start when looking for quality products?

0:47:55 What is the GMP label and why is it so important to look for?

0:49:00 What would you caution against?

0:50:40 What should consumers be aware of when buying from a brand?

0:53:10 For a complete beginner, what would you suggest they start with?

0:56:15 What product and/or ingredients would you suggest for stress management?

0:59:00 How can you tell when a supplement is making an impact?

1:02:45 What are the pros of using isolated compounds? Of using formulas?

1:04:50 What is your favorite movie?

1:07:15 What is your ideal day of paradise?

1:09:25 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?