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Conquer The Day

May 18, 2021

Food is literally a vital part of life! We all need to fuel our bodies every day and yet there is so much confusion about what our bodies actually need. In this episode, we’re debunking myths and talking about true nutrition so you can fuel your body, feel energized and create habits that lead to a healthy life! Our hosts, Brian and Lindsey, share their own past misconceptions about nutrition and how their health and fitness journeys have evolved with time and knowledge! Grab a glass of water and tune in, because this episode is full of ways to take consistent steps forward and give your body what it needs so you can conquer your day!


02:00 Review of the week!

04:00 Common misconceptions and questions we get from clients!

06:15 What is FOMO (fear of missing out) adding to the confusion?

08:20 What was the misconception you had to break in order to be healthy?

11:00 Brian’s experience with different diets.

14:30 Our thoughts on the Keto diet!

17:00 Are carbs “bad”?

19:00 Is it ok to eat late in the day?

20:50 Our thoughts on meal timing.

26:00 The power of eating whole foods MOST of the time!

27:30 Will taking supplements accelerate my results?

30:30 How can we replace these nutrition misconceptions?

33:00 Calories are key to achieving the results you want!

34:20 How do I calculate how many calories I need to eat?

37:30 Eat these foods!

40:00 How does that food make me feel?

41:40 Whole foods vs raw foods.

44:00 The importance of protein!

45:00 Our tips for drinking enough water!

47:30 How can I make changes to eat better?

48:20 Take this challenge!




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