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Conquer The Day

Aug 23, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to use the season to fall back into your fitness & health.

The three categories of routines that will set you up for success.

What you can do to sharpen your mind and build your body.


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Show Notes:

Are you ready to fall back into fitness? This week, we’ll show you how to fully utilize this season to form better habits and reset your routines! We are sharing three categories of routines you’ll need to set yourself up for success today, tomorrow, and beyond. From the beginning of your day to the end of it and everything in between, you’ll learn how to schedule your movement and master your nutrition so you can keep moving forward. If you want to sharpen yourself by optimizing your body and mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Start the season off right by putting your health first!

01:40 How can you use this season to fall back into fitness?

04:30 What is the routine reset guide?

05:40 How to set intentions with clarity.

08:15 Why do we need clarity in order to move forward?

11:55 What happens once we find our consistent routines?

13:45 What are bookend routines?

15:45 Why is it important to understand our bookends?

20:00 What do we suggest you add to your morning and evening routines?

21:15 How should we think about our movement routines?

24:30 Managing your schedule for the fall season.

26:40 What are baseline healthy nutrition routines?

28:00 How do we slip back into unhealthy habits?

31:35 What do you do after you put your routines in place?

33:35 How can you sharpen your mind and build your body?