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Conquer The Day

Jan 18, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Gut health and its importance to your physical and mental health.
  • The four pillars of health, and what being in good health looks like.
  • The three differences between bloating, and what causes them.
  • How our bodies react to stress and its impact on gut and digestive health.


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Show Notes:

We’ve got a feeling in our gut that you’ll love today’s episode! Joining us is naturopathic doctor and gut health expert, Jessica Eastman, here to share her knowledge on gut health and the four pillars of health! First of all, what is gut health? Why is it so important? How does it tie into our physical and mental health? We’ll be talking about what influences gut and digestive health (both the good and the bad!) so that you can start taking better care of your body from the inside out. If you’ve ever wondered what causes bloating and gassiness, or the different effects of stress on your body, then this is the episode for you! Come learn how to treat your body and mind, so you can start feeling good on the outside and on the inside!

0:01:30 Meet the wonderful naturopathic doctor, Jessica Eastman, here to help you treat both body and mind! 

0:02:25 What does good health look like?

0:06:10 What are the four pillars of health?

0:09:00 How can someone use the pillars to make a change in their lives?

0:11:05 Becoming aware of obstacles.

0:14:50 How can we use categories to help make goals achievable?

0:17:20 What is gut health, and why does it matter?

0:20:55 What does a healthy digestive system look like?

0:24:00 The three types of bloating and where they come from.

0:27:10 What causes gassiness and/or cramps?

0:30:20 Food sensitivities and bloating.

0:32:05 How can we get to the root of gut health problems?

0:34:45 What is the ideal range for sleep?

0:36:40 What are the nutrients we need?

0:40:10 What is the goal for stress levels?

0:41:40 How much movement should we be getting?

0:45:20 The impact of stress and emotions on gut health.

0:50:00 How does a sympathetic nervous system impact digestive activities?

0:51:10 Is it gut health that influences anxiety or does anxiety influence gut health?

0:52:30 Even if you’re not directly in a stressful environment, will your body still react the same way?

0:54:30 Can you change your body’s response to stress by changing your mindset?

0:57:20 The difficulties and challenges of changing your mindset.

1:00:50 What is one book that has changed your life?

1:02:10 What is your idea of paradise?

1:02:45 What is one habit that helps you conquer your day?