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Conquer The Day

Feb 21, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Specific things you can implement in just a few minutes per day to optimize your body and have a better quality of life!

Why breathing through your nose is so important!


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Show Notes:

Get ready to nerd out with us over how amazing our bodies are! In this episode, we’re joined by trainer, mobility expert, and owner of Ascension Strength, Diego Diaz! If you are wanting to know how to optimize your body, avoid injury, and increase your quality of life, there are so many takeaways in this conversation! We chat with Diego about why stretching and doing mobility exercises are so important and what they do for our bodies in today’s sedentary world. Tune in for some specific exercises and practices you can implement in just a few minutes a day to see major results in your life as those actions compound!


01:30 Meet our friend and owner of Ascension Strength, Diego Diaz!

03:15 Fitness is so much more than the aesthetic, how does mobility impact daily life?

06:40 What are the most common injuries you see?

09:30 Common movement patterns we should all be able to move through.

16:15 What can I do to begin to improve my mobility?

19:00 Barriers to work through mentally to incorporate mobility exercises.

24:00 Ways to improve facia’s flexibility.

29:30 What should I do to prime my body for specific exercises?

34:15 For those that are hyper flexible, how do I strengthen my joints to avoid injury?

37:40 The power of strengthening muscles you don’t repetitively use in your daily life.

43:00 Two things to do to avoid injury in the gym. 

47:15 What is ONE thing everyone should do to function optimally?

50:00 What is an overarching lesson of being involved in so many different disciplines in fitness?

51:50 What is one action or habit you do to conquer your day?