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Conquer The Day

May 16, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to cultivate a healthy, positive relationship with the food you eat.

The true importance of mindfulness when eating.

The impact of food on our mental health and overall well being.

Practical ways to combat emotional eating and take back control.


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Show Notes:

How do you take back control to combat emotional overeating? This week’s special guest is registered holistic nutritionist and author of Turning Off the Tap: Overcoming the Real Reasons We Overeat, Sara Best! With her expertise in the field of nutrition and wellness, Sara helps others repair and improve how they approach food so they can get back to reconnecting with their bodies. We’ll have an educational conversation about the importance of mindful eating, the impact of our food on our mental health, how the relationships we build with food affects our overall well being, and even more. From this episode, you’ll learn practical ways to listen to what your body needs in order to cultivate a healthier relationship with what you eat. No more quick fixes! Turn off the tap once and for all and start seeing real progress!

01:35 Cultivate a healthy relationship with the food you eat with Sara Best, a registered holistic nutritionist and expert in the field of nutrition & wellness!

03:20 Why do we struggle to make progress even when we understand our eating habits?

06:00 What goes into a relationship with food?

08:50 How can we become more aware of the way we build relationships with food?

11:45 How does gender play into our relationship with food?

14:30 A healthy relationship with food & your body.

17:20 How does your relationship with food impact the results you get?

19:15 Turning off the faucet.

22:20 How do you start to turn off the tap?

24:45 What is the neuroscience of food?

29:05 How do you take back control?

31:55 How can we approach awareness with grace and mindfulness?

34:50 Turning mindset into action.

37:10 What if we trusted our bodies?

40:35 What is mindful eating?

44:20 Why do we need to listen to our bodies more?

48:15 What is one practice we can apply starting today?

49:50 What is one book you believe everyone should read?

50:10 What is one question we should all ask ourselves?

50:35 What advice would you give to yourself 10 years from now?

51:10 What is one habit that helps you conquer your day?