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Conquer The Day

Apr 12, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What the mindset of a competitive athlete looks like.

The transition from working alone to working in a team.

How to develop a strong, but humble, mindset.

The benefits of TinFold supplements; how it helps to fuel your focus and improve your energy.


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Show Notes:

Have you ever wanted a close look into the mind of a competitive athlete? Our special guest today is Jordan Ahmed, a former competitive athlete and current CEO of TinFold, a pre-workout and supplement business helping athletes pursue their highest selves! In this episode, we’ll be diving into the mindset of a competitive athlete: Where did his mindset come from? How did it develop and shift over time? Where is it now? We’ll also discuss the transition from working alone to working in a team environment, humbling an ego, and the skills and qualities that make up a competitive athlete. Then, Jordan will share his story of TinFold, so we can gain a better understanding of what TinFold is all about and how it helps elevate athletes to the next level. Whether you’re weightlifting or bobsledding, tune in and learn how to master your mindset and your body!


01:50 How can you connect with us and reach your ideal self?

03:30 Give a warm welcome to today’s guest: Jordan Ahmed, a former competitive athlete and current CEO of TinFold!

04:30 What are the qualities of a competitive athlete?

05:35 Were you always athletic? When did you become interested in weightlifting?

07:05 Where does your competitive edge come from?

08:20 What do you think the tangible value of strength is?

09:30 A journey from weightlifting to bobsledding.

12:45 How was the transition to working in a team?

15:45 How do you mentally prepare yourself?

17:25 Where did your mindset develop?

18:55 What did you learn from training with other athletes?

20:30 What was the moment that humbled you?

22:55 The story behind creating TinFold.

26:35 What are the main benefits of TinFold? Which ingredients help boost those benefits?

29:35 How do these supplements help to improve energy and focus?

32:40 What is TinFold’s mission?

34:10 How do you fuel your body, and where do supplements come into play?

36:35 What book has had the greatest impact on your life?

37:25 What does your ideal day look like?

38:25 What is one habit that helps you conquer your day?