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Conquer The Day

Jul 19, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Building awareness and understanding of mental health in order to promote recovery, healing, and lifestyle changes.
  • How to create a safe community & environment for healing.
  • Navigating mental health and substance abuse/addiction.
  • How physical health and mental health are linked, and why it’s important to take care of both.


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Show Notes:

What does the road to recovery look like? Meet the owner of Empower Wellness, Maureen Gouveia, a mental health professional with over a decade of experience in her field and a masters in mental health counseling! We’ll have an in-depth conversation about mental health, substance abuse, and recovery as we learn how to navigate through the world of mental health & wellness. Maureen shares her expert guidance on how to build awareness, foster safe communities for healing, and create extra support through education. How do people make significant lifestyle changes? What are the signs and symptoms of mental health? How are mental and physical health connected, and how can we take care of both simultaneously? Learn how you can take the first step to heal, grow, and conquer your day!

01:25 Give a huge welcome to our special guest, Maureen Gouveia, the owner of Empower Wellness with a decade long career as a mental health professional!

03:00 What led you down the path of mental health?

05:05 What skills did you have to develop in order to become a strong corrections officer and substance addiction counselor?

06:50 How can someone help someone else heal and/or change their lifestyle?

08:35 What did your boundaries look like during your time in the correctional system?

10:45 Knowing when you are taking on too much for another person.

13:00 What practices did you adopt to monitor yourself and your boundaries?

14:20 How would you define mental health?

15:50 What are the commonalities between people who have made a change?

18:45 How do you guide people towards building awareness and responsibility for recovery?

21:25 What is the value of building a safe community?

22:50 How do you foster a safe environment within your community?

25:30 How did COVID affect and impact these communities?

29:00 Reframing how we view ourselves and view community.

31:20 What are some signs that someone may need to take a look at their mental health?

35:10 Why is it important to educate people about signs & symptoms of mental health?

37:30 When did fitness and health begin to tie into your work?

41:00 How important is it to take care of your physical health in relation to your mental health?

44:00 As you develop your practice, what are your intentions for creating impact?

46:25 What community are you trying to create with Empower Wellness?

48:00 What is your favorite movie?

48:30 What is one book that changed your life?

49:05 What is your ideal day?

49:30 What advice would you give yourself five years from now?

49:55 What one habit do you need to conquer your day?