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Conquer The Day

Nov 9, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to commit fully to yourself and your future

What the 3 “you’s” of commitment and consistency are

What are the limiting beliefs that can hold you back from making progress


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Show Notes:

Ready for a lifetime of commitment? It’s not as scary nor impossible as you may think! Brian’s solo episode this week delves into the crucial topic of commitment: what should we be committed to and how can we achieve it? You’ll learn how the “past you” and the “future you” impact the present you’s commitment. Then we’re sharing what it takes to reach consistency in your everyday life, so you can stay committed to each and every goal you have. Moreover, we tackle what can be stopping you from making progress and how you can overcome it. We have everything you need to know for you to keep going down your path to ultimate commitment! 


01:05 Finding commitment to yourself.

03:45 Are we selfish beings?

07:30 The past you.

12:35 What caused you to not succeed in the past?

13:45 The future you.

17:15 Ways to create a positive future for yourself.

19:40 The limiting beliefs that hold you back.

22:40 What should you do if you fall back into old habits?

26:30 What does the future you need?