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Conquer The Day

May 25, 2021

What habits add up to changing your life for the better? To accomplish goals you only dream about it starts with having a “why”, and vision of the new version of yourself you’re working to become. In this episode of Conquer The Day our hosts Brian and Lindsey are chatting with friend and transformation coach Jordan Grahm! Jordan shares his experience from being overweight growing up, to weighing 420 lbs and getting into a car accident that moved him to make big changes in his life. Tune in to hear his story, how he was able to lose 212 lbs, and most importantly the mental shifts that not only helped him transform his life but keep lasting success.


03:15 How did your journey start with health and fitness?

07:00 How Jordan lost 212 lbs in 2 and a half years!

11:00 Mental shifts about food that he now shares with his own clients.

16:00 What was the hardest habit you had to break?

22:40 What helped you truly have a lifestyle change with your nutrition?

27:10 How can you avoid snowballing back into old habits and gaining the weight back?

31:40 How to STOP the self-sabotage.

34:15 Weight loss advice from a coach that has personally lost 212 lbs.

38:40 How did your massive weight loss change other areas of your life?

43:15 What is one accolade that stands out to you?

46:30 The habit that has had the biggest impact on Jordan’s life.

47:20 What is required for you to conquer your day?

48:40 One thing to embrace on your own health and fitness journey!


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Check out these books mentioned in the episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz




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