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Conquer The Day

Dec 6, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A new, refreshing perspective to bring into the holidays.
  • How to be more present and intentional during this season.
  • Reflective questions you should ask yourself.
  • How to apply intentions and mindset to your actions.


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Show Notes:

How can you make this holiday season your best one yet? Join us for a special episode that’ll help you achieve a present, healthy, and meaningful holiday for you and your loved ones! Today, we’re reflecting on what the holiday season is really about, how we can celebrate intentionally, and the timeless messages we should be focusing on. We share several important questions you can ask yourself in order to have a truly meaningful holiday. Then, we’ll dive into how you can apply your intentions, be more present, and do things differently to set yourself up for success. Celebrate the season by giving yourself a brand new perspective on the most wonderful time of the year!

00:00 What will you gain from today’s holiday special?

04:45 How do you feel when you enter the holiday season?

07:05 What is the real purpose of Christmas? How does it get lost?

10:10 How can we be more present and aware in our lives?

12:30 What should we actually celebrate during Christmas?

15:50 How do you want to remember this holiday season?

17:30 What does your soul need?

18:15 Who can you be a blessing towards?

20:20 How can you celebrate with those who are here?

21:40 How can you celebrate with those who aren’t?

26:25 Taking on a new and different perspective of the holidays.

28:05 How do we live out our intentions?

32:10 How can you practice being present?

34:20 What can you do to be more present this season?