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Conquer The Day

Nov 16, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The benefits of allowing personal growth and change to occur in your life
  • All about burnout - the most common causes and how to identify, avoid, and overcome it
  • How to shift back onto the right path after recovering from burnout
  • What energy budgeting means and how it can prevent future burnout
  • The power of sound healing and what it can do for you


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Show Notes:

Who’s ready to throw out the burnout once and for all!? Our creatively unique guest this episode is Samantha Harper, executive coach and sound healer. She’s ready to spill everything she knows about change, healing, energy, and our most pressing topic for today: burnout. What causes it? How can we become aware of it? And, ultimately, what can we do to overcome and recover from it? Our talk then goes deeper into self-rejuvenation, sound healing, and energetic budgeting, so we can learn how to master our bodies, minds, and souls. Find out how to manifest your truth and get back to conquering your day!


01:05 Introducing creative sound healer and executive leadership coach, Samantha Harper!

04:00 What does “I rise, you rise” mean to you?

05:20 How can we attract supportive people into our lives?

07:00 What is an ego death and shadow work?

09:20 How does your unique background affect your current work?

12:50 What was the biggest barrier you had to face during your transition period?

15:10 What are the most common reasons for burnout?

18:35 How do you make an identity shift?

20:25 What are the positive changes that come from personal growth?

22:55 How to become more aware of oncoming burnout.

25:35 How would you approach someone who feels overwhelmed and unable to let go?

28:00 What causes a person to buy into that new belief?

30:15 If someone is already burnt out, what can they do to rejuvenate themselves?

33:55 How can we start moving down the correct path?

37:05 Ways to prevent future burnout with energetic budgeting.

40:25 What other modalities do you use to help people tap into their intuition?

43:00 How do humans hold and carry energy?

44:55 What is sound healing?

48:15 The power of speaking out loud.

49:40 What advice do you have for someone who reaches another sticking point?

51:35 The greatest breakthrough Sam has seen.

54:55 What is one book that has changed your life?

55:20 What is your personal paradise?

56:05 What do you need to conquer your day?