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Conquer The Day

Mar 15, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to achieve excellence and success in fitness and health.
  • The importance of shifting not only your mindset, but your identity.
  • What the balance between excellence and joy looks like.
  • How to empower yourself in a meaningful way by breaking perceptions and adopting beliefs.


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Show Notes:

Are you on your best behavior? How about your champion behavior? In this episode, we are joined by former NFL athlete and current CEO of Supra Human, John Madsen! He’ll be sharing his wealth of knowledge on finding balance, achieving excellence, and living with focus and intention all day, every day. We’ll go over the keys to adopting and shifting mentalities, setting outcomes and goals, breaking perceptions, finding the right beliefs, and much more, so you can start seeing real results in your fitness journey! Have you been embracing your empowered, limitless self? If your answer isn’t an automatic yes, then you won’t want to miss this episode! Join us and go get what’s yours today!

01:20 Introducing today’s special guest: John Madsen, the founder and CEO of Supra Human, helping people automate their championship behavior!

04:20 Finding the balance between excellence and joy.

07:45 How do you hold your conviction and keep balance?

10:30 What were the milestones you hit during your journey to excellence?

14:35 Where does your drive and belief come from?

16:15 What are the beliefs entrepreneurs and business owners are lacking? How can they change that?

19:45 The stages of competence.

23:20 What is the first step to regaining your edge?

27:05 How do you help someone navigate their path, even if there is a disconnect?

29:35 Knowing yourself and what you want.

31:45 Where do you set the outcome and how do you enjoy the journey?

35:25 What was the change that took you to that point?

40:30 After you hit the next level, what came next?

44:10 How do you achieve an abundant mindset?

46:15 How do our perceptions shape our reality?

49:05 Seeing yourself in an empowering way.

51:55 What is one book that has changed your life?

52:20 What does your 10/10, ideal day look like?

52:40 What advice would you give to yourself ten years from now?

53:05 What is one habit that allows you to conquer your day?

54:40 What do you have coming up?