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Conquer The Day

Oct 18, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to build and scale a business without sacrificing your mental or physical health.
  • The key to taking advantage of risks and opportunities for growth.
  • Habits and shifts to help you overcome challenges, show up for yourself, and sustain progress.


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The New Gold Standard by Joseph A. Michelli


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Show Notes:

If you’re a business owner pouring from an empty cup or a self-sacrificing parentprenuer, this is the sign telling you there is a better way! We are excited to introduce absolute powerhouse Kara Chase, the business owner, athlete, and mother of two building an empire and taking care of herself while she does it! As we follow along her insightful journey of personal development and internal work, we’ll find out how she harnessed her mental and physical health to get where she is today. We discuss important habits and mindset shifts, weighing risk versus reward, how to take advantage of opportunities, and much more. Most of all, you’ll learn the best way to serve yourself so you can better serve others. Start showing up as your best self and create your own legacy that lasts!

01:45 Meet triple threat Kara Chase, owner of Legacy Homes Group, superstar athlete, and mother of two!

03:30 Where was your starting point of personal development?

05:05 What were your original intentions?

06:45 How were you able to overcome the challenge of letting go?

08:50 What habits helped you progress?

12:00 How has your insight served you?

14:15 Adopting and integrating new shifts in your lifestyle.

17:00 How can we overcome self-doubt?

18:05 What role has vulnerability played in your growth?

20:50 How did staying healthy and taking care of yourself help sustain your progress?

23:05 What is the impact of your strength training?

27:45 How has your journey tied into your business?

30:25 How has it influenced the way you lead?

33:45 What would you tell other business owners who are sacrificing too much of themselves?

36:10 The relief of giving yourself the permission to lean on others.

38:55 How can someone take advantage of opportunities?

41:10 How do you look at risks?

45:25 What is one book that has changed your life?

46:55 What is your 10/10, perfect day?

47:45 What piece of advice would you give to yourself 10 years from now?

48:55 What one habit do you need to conquer your day?