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Conquer The Day

Feb 7, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to tap into pain as a powerful motivator, and fall in love with the process!
Ways to stop making excuses and master consistency!


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Show Notes:

The benefits of working on your strength go far beyond the gym! We’re chatting with the owner of B3 Fitness, Chris Braley! Chris shares so many gems in this episode from the power of habit stacking and collecting wins, to how to navigate the edge of making sure you’re bringing intensity to your workouts safely! Ultimately the goal is to gain strength in and out of the weight room, and in this episode, we’re sharing how you can tap back into your inner athlete that is physically and mentally on their game! Optimizing your results so you can conquer your day, and conquer your life!


02:00 How have sports shaped you growing up?

04:30 What took you from childhood athlete to being a great athlete as an adult?
08:40 The power of habit stacking.

12:00 Stop making excuses and fall in love with the process.

17:15 Pain and vanity can be powerful motivators to make change.

23:20 How do you teach clients to safely push their limits with their workouts?

27:30 What common mistakes do you see people make when they’re pushing themselves?

33:15 How to optimize your results in the gym.

37:40 Advice for people who are struggling to get back into taking care of their health.

40:00 What is the value of being strong?

41:30 What is a book that has changed your life?

42:20 What did you do to better yourself today?

43:00 What do you need to do in order to conquer your day?