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Conquer The Day

Aug 24, 2021

If dieting is an art form, then you are the artist! This episode guest stars fitness coach, Haylee Colannino, who is here to educate us on everything she knows - from the academia behind dieting & nutrition to the real-life advice and coaching she applies to her clients! Join us as we deep-dive into the world of reverse dieting. What is it? What makes it so scary? What are the goals we can expect to achieve with it? Today is all about educating yourself so that your body can do more than just live - it can conquer the day!


00:01:00 Meet Haylee!

00:03:00 How is dieting like an art form?

00:06:35 Tell us more about yourself.

00:14:25 The shift that has grown your business.

00:15:55 What did you do post-undergrad?

00:21:25 The inspiration behind making big changes in life and moving to Florida.

00:24:15 Where have you applied what you’ve learned from your studies? Where have you seen disconnects?

00:28:40 Finding an individual’s needs.

00:30:25 The most important thing clients need to know.

00:35:25 What is a reverse diet? What does each macronutrient do for you?

00:38:30 The truth about carbohydrates.

00:43:30 How do you approach someone who is afraid to eat more calories? What is the gradual process to get someone up to the place they need to be at?

00:48:50 Building adherence.

00:50:00 How do you know when you should stop?

00:55:55 What you may not realize about fat!

00:58:20 What is the one book that changed your life more than any other book?

00:59:20 If you had to describe your perfect day, what would it look like?

01:00:25 What is necessary for you to conquer your day?

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