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Conquer The Day

Oct 11, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Treatments and solutions for healing chronic pain, repairing your body, and preventing injuries.
  • The benefits of chiropractic care and soft tissue work.
  • How to keep your body healthy and promote health & wellness as an athlete.


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Show Notes:

As athletes, how can we promote better health and wellness in the world we live in? Here to discuss solutions for healing chronic pain and avoiding injuries are the founders of Ignite Health and Wellness, Dr. Alex Williams and Dr. Mark Mathis Jr.! They’ll teach us what we need to know about chiropractic care tools and techniques, so we can get more in tune with ourselves and our bodies. What are the most common causes of chronic pain? How can athletes prevent injuries when training? What is soft tissue work and what are its benefits? If you want to find out how you can keep your body healthy, then don’t miss this informative episode all about igniting better health and wellness!

02:00 Introducing our guests Dr. Alex Williams and Dr. Mark Mathis Jr., a pair of sports and rehab chiropractors and founders of Ignite Health and Wellness!

03:30 What are the most common pains people struggle with?

06:25 What practices or processes do you use to help people treat their bodies?

07:25 How do lifestyle habits influence chronic pain?

08:25 The ideal ways to sleep.

10:45 How do you treat discomfort versus treating injuries?

12:35 What should athletes avoid when overtraining?

14:05 What mindset shifts do you try to promote the most?

16:10 What is chiropractic work?

19:30 What other chiropractic care techniques do you utilize?

20:55 The benefits of cupping.

21:45 How does Graston and scraping work as chiropractic tools?

24:00 When should chiropractic care and rehab come into play during an injury?

26:55 How can chiropractic work help with disc injuries?

28:20 Can a herniated or bulging disc be cured? If so, how?

30:45 What is the common cause of sciatica?

34:55 How can we encourage more people to take care of their bodies in a holistic way?

40:35 What is the book that had the greatest impact on your life?

41:45 What is the definition of your perfect day?

44:10 What one habit do you need to conquer your day?

45:40 What do you have coming up?