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Conquer The Day

Sep 14, 2021

As we transition into autumn, where does your energy go? If you need a boost for the upcoming season, this episode is for you! Today, we’re focusing on the best ways to not only raise your energy, but use it and maintain it as well! How does your physical health impact your mental health? How can you stay mindful of your body and what it needs to stay happy and healthy? How can you find the energy drainers in your life and how can you get rid of them? It’s all about prioritizing, organizing, and optimizing your days for the results you want to see, so that this upcoming season can be the best season for you!


01:05 The importance of energy, focus, and mental clarity!

04:30 Treating our bodies and our minds.

05:55 Energy management versus time management.

07:50 What is the natural flow of our bodies (cortisol and melatonin)?

10:15 What causes cortisol to be dysregulated?

12:25 How do our bodies follow our regular food intake?

14:45 What is decision fatigue? Willpower fatigue?

17:05 #1: Prioritizing sleep.

21:20 #2 Using our body and our breath for physical and mental energy.

25:05 #3 Structuring our days for optimization.

29:00 #4 Eliminating distractions.

34:00 #5 Drink water and eat food.

38:25 What do you need to focus on the most for success?

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