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Conquer The Day

Jan 3, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to (and how not to) approach your fitness goals in 2023.

The tools you need to create your own personalized roadmap for a healthier you.

The old approach versus a NEW approach to achieving health goals.


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Show Notes:

How do you make 2023 your year for better health, fitness, and wellness? Today, we’re helping you kick off the New Year the right way by showing you how to set achievable goals and focus on your health! You’ll learn 5 major mistakes to avoid so you can approach your fitness goals in a new and successful way. By the end of this episode, you’ll have everything you need to create a personalized roadmap to a healthy lifestyle, build the right habits for sustainability, and keep on progressing to an improved version of you! Follow along and discover what your goals are and how to get there for the new year and beyond!

02:10 How can you set intentions and reflect for the new year?

05:05 How should you approach your fitness goals in 2023?

08:30 What is the difference when you set a clear goal?

10:30 The problem with setting number goals.

14:30 Why do vague targets drain motivation?

18:05 How does the old approach set you up for failure?

20:05 Why should you avoid Googling a diet or meal plan?

23:40 How far can your emotions take you?

24:30 What do you want your healthy lifestyle to look like?

27:30 How do you build the right habits for progress?

32:00 Building your own personalized map.

35:50 How can accountability and your mindset help you commit to the goal?

38:50 What can your 2024 look like?