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Conquer The Day

Dec 5, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Autoimmune causes; overactive immune system attacks self

Diets to reduce inflammation.


Resources + Links:

> Quicksilver Science Immune Charge+ - basic nutrient most people need/lack (A/E/D/K/C)

> Zemvelo Fulvic Minerals - balanced for of minerals we no longer get in our foods from soil quality being poor in minerals  

> Seeking Health B Complex Plus - basic nutrient most people need/lack

> Designs For Health GI Revive or Pure Encapsulations Epi Integrity - gut lining/inflammation support 

> Metagenics Metagest - Betaine HCL - Stomach acid support 

> Seeking Health Digestion Intensive - pancreatic enzyme support 

> Dr. Best Proteolytic Enzymes - helps fight virus load, joint pain and a host of issues 

> Charlotte's Web CBD oil - gut lining, immune response and anxiety 

> Metagenics Mag Glycinate


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Show Notes:

Get ready to dive into this conversation all about autoimmune disorders and gut health. In this episode, we’re joined by Blake Groves, who really knows his stuff when it comes to immune systems. He explained how autoimmune diseases work and what causes your body to attack itself, like with Hashimoto's thyroid issues. Blake stressed that reducing inflammation is super important for getting healthy. We give some great advice too - like making a timeline of when your symptoms started so you can figure out what triggered your issues. 


03:30 Autoimmune disorders and gut health with guests. 

06:00 Autoimmune diseases and immune system function. 

09:15 Autoimmune disorders and immune system function. 

14:00 Autoimmune dysfunction and bridging the gap to health solutions. 

16:45 Immune system issues and potential causes. 

19:00 Bloodwork and stool testing for health advocacy. 

24:45 Balancing weight loss and immune system health. 

28:30 Autoimmune disease triggers and treatments. 

32:15 Environmental toxins and their impact on health. 

40:30 Autoimmune diseases and immune system health. 

43:30 Autoimmune diseases and their treatment options. 

46:45 Improving gut health and autoimmune function through diet and supplements. 

53:45 Low stomach acid and its symptoms. 

56:15 Holistic health and wellness strategies.