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Conquer The Day

May 17, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A recap of our first ever live event, the Fitness Project Live!
  • What we learned and gained during our experiences at the event.
  • Our favorite moments and lessons.
  • What we plan on bringing to all of you moving into the future.


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Show Notes:

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the Fitness Project Live, we’re bringing a piece of it straight to you in today’s podcast! We’ll be sharing a quick recap of our first ever live event in order to reflect on our favorite personal moments and all the lessons we learned. We’ll also talk about how we shifted our mindsets and built a space for energy, presence, and vulnerability to everyone to thrive in. Then, we shift our focus to the future and discuss what we plan on bringing to all of you moving forward from here. Whether you were able to attend or not, this episode will make sure you feel like you’re part of the CTD family!

01:40 Why do we want to recap our live event?

03:10 What was the process behind the Fitness Project?

05:00 What did we learn from TFP that we couldn’t have learned anywhere else?

06:35 Brian’s favorite personal moment.

08:10 What beliefs made you feel more certain?

10:55 How do you create a calming energy and atmosphere?

13:40 Shifting to being present to value the little moments.

16:45 What was your favorite experience with an attendee?

18:45 What did you find most fulfilling?

21:30 What was the most important thing TFP gave to everyone?

22:30 The lessons we gained from our experience.

24:40 What do we want to bring to others?

28:15 Lindsey’s biggest takeaway.

29:45 What is our mission going forward from here?