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Conquer The Day

Apr 20, 2021

If your morning routine could talk, what (and who) would it say is your top priority when you wake up in the morning? Whether you’ve been intentional about the habits you have created, or not, we all have morning rituals we have infused into our morning routine that we no longer have to think about.  Our hosts Brian and Lindsey are sharing how you can zone in on the most important thing you need to create a habit around to optimize your day! If you’re busy from the moment your feet hit the floor, you’re operating from a constant state of chaos, or you struggle with being a “morning person” there is something in this episode you can incorporate into the start of your day that will help the rest of it run smoother. 


01:15 Is there any 1 habit that you feel will Optimize your whole day?

03:20 Are you starting your day by taking care of yourself, or everyone else’s needs?

06:10 Where do most people get tripped up?

08:40 What is one thing you could put in place that would positively impact the rest of your day?

09:20 How do you figure out what is the most important thing you need?

11:40 What if I am waking up in chaos?

13:15 What if I don’t feel like a morning person?

16:30 Lindsey’s morning routine!

18:00 What is Brian’s morning routine?

18:40 What is Wim Hof breathing?

22:30 How will your day, and your life improve by incorporating movement into your mornings?

23:15 What is the habit YOU are going to incorporate into your mornings?



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