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Conquer The Day

Jun 15, 2021

What is your “Why”? That thing that drives you to want to accomplish the goals you have ahead of you! Pursuing a weight loss goal is more than the actions others can see on the outside. It takes a mindset shift that starts with a single decision, that turns into creating good habits, and ripples out touching every part of your life. In this episode, our hosts Brian and Lindsey are sharing ways you can get down to a deeper-rooted “Why”, so you can change your mind, and change your life! 


01:30 Join us in Foundations for a Fit Life!

04:00 What is driving you to reach your goals?

08:15 Change happens in an instant, but then what?

11:15 Start by envisioning how you want to look and feel 6 months from now.

13:00 The “Five Why’s” that will help you get clear on what's really important to you.

18:40 How did knowing your core “Why” help you move forward when it got hard?

23:15 The power of learning from failure.

25:30 How will accomplishing your goal impact your life?

27:15 The results will follow your habits.

29:00 Our current training, and how your training needs to be customized to YOUR life and needs!

33:00 Ways to let go of judgment and comparison.

36:40 Coming across the same lessons with a better capacity to solve and face your challenges.

40:50 Refresh your vision in your mind every day!


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Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl




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