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Conquer The Day

Jul 13, 2021

Every BODY is different! Which means how you approach fitness and advance as you go will also look different! In this episode, our hosts Brian and Lindsey are sharing the wealth of knowledge they teach to their clients about building a strong, healthy body! We’re debunking myths about how much weight you should be lifting, and ways you can tune into what movements feel good to your body! Let’s challenge ourselves to progress in a way that actually gets you the results you’re looking for, while having the patience to build a solid foundation! 

02:30 The typical movement progress Brian walks clients through!

03:15 Walk before you run. (Advance as you go!)

08:00 What does it look like to start doing resistance training?

12:45 Resistance training and how much you lift looks different for everyone!

16:00 How should I choose how much weight to lift?

19:00 Myths about what your workout routine should look like.

21:30 What does it look like to go from a beginner to advanced?

23:15 What is progressive overload?

26:00 How to know the difference between normal discomfort to training from pain that is harmful!

30:00 The keys to building a foundation and progressing over time!

32:20 Benefits of being in tune with your body and the movements that feel good to you.

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35:40 Review highlight of the week!


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