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Conquer The Day

Sep 12, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The connection between weight loss and hormone health.

Proactive steps & mindsets for optimized health.

The significance of hormone health and understanding your body.

How to achieve your physical goals, starting from the inside out.


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Show Notes:

Do you want to meet more of your health goals? Then let this episode be your guide! Joining us this week is head coach and functional health practitioner, Ellen Angeloni! Today’s conversation will focus on the significance of hormone health as it relates to your weight. Whether you want to gain, lose, or just maintain your weight, this is the key to managing it all. We’ll talk about the mindset and strategies for optimized health, what it looks like for men & women, and how you can play a more proactive role in your own health journey. You’ll learn how to better understand your body and make impactful changes from the inside out. Discover what optimized health looks like for YOU and how you can achieve it!

01:20 Introducing Ellen Angeloni, head coach and a functional health practitioner at Transform Forever Health!

03:25 What symptoms were you experiencing and how did you figure it out?

10:40 How did you start to repair your body?

13:45 What connection points were important for optimization?

16:05 What is the best mindset for achieving a physical goal?

19:25 Defining the roles of sex hormones in our bodies.

24:15 What are the important aspects of hormone health for men?

27:10 How can we take action to improve our hormone health?

33:50 What does optimal hormone health look like?

40:15 Why do we need to be proactive in our health?

43:40 How does weight impact hormone health?

48:50 The road to optimized health.

52:45 What resources do you recommend?

56:00 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?