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Conquer The Day

Apr 19, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Our takeaways and lessons from our most impactful episodes.
  • What we have learned from previous podcasts and guests.
  • Our intentions and future of this podcast.


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Show Notes:

Get ready to celebrate, because it’s Conquer the Day’s one year anniversary! Today, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane to revisit past episodes and reflect on the ones that impacted us (and our listeners!) the most. We’ll discuss our main takeaways from previous guests, as well as share the lessons we’ve learned from our podcasting experience. What were our favorite moments? Why were they so meaningful to us? What are our intentions and goals for the next year? We’ll be diving into the past, present, and future, so join us on our journey as we look back on the episodes that made us, changed us, and, most of all, helped us conquer the day!

02:00 Are you ready to learn how to be your own master?

03:35 Taking a look back at our favorite episodes!

05:20 What is our request to you?

08:20 Which episode did Lindsey find most impactful and why?

10:50 Clip from E047: How to recognize and change a fixed mindset.

16:05 What was Brian’s favorite episode and why?

18:30 Clip from E012: How do you change your beliefs?

19:50 What was our most impactful episode yet?

22:30 Clip from E018: The inspirational story behind Bre and Flo.

28:15 Why should we revisit older podcasts and other content?

30:35 What were Brian’s main takeaways and lessons?

33:45 How about Lindsey’s?

36:30 What are Brian’s intentions for the next year?

38:35 What intentions does Lindsey have for the future?

41:15 Our parting words to our listeners.