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Conquer The Day

Jun 22, 2021

What are your core values? Could you list your top 2 - 5 core values by heart? Knowing what you are aiming for, and why, are powerful tools to guide you as you make decisions in business and in life. It’s like having a compass so you can confidently make choices that will help you stay on course, rather than wander aimlessly. In this episode, we are joined by Chief Positivity Officer and Founder of Leaders Elevate, Tom Davis. Tom share’s how defining his core values inspired his family to move to Spain, and how he has helped fortune 500 companies get clear on their own core values. Tune in for tools you can implement today to elevate your life and tap into the leader within yourself!

01:15 Meet Founder of Leaders Elevate, Tom Davis!

03:30 Why are positivity and optimism the base of leadership?

06:30 How did you develop a passion for leadership training?

09:40 Discovering why we react to stress the way we do as adults.

16:15 The science behind reprogramming your mindset.

19:00 Start with knowing what you value!

22:00 Tom’s core values. 

24:15 How to ditch limiting beliefs.

26:00 Am I reacting from an abundant mindset, or a scarcity mindset?

30:15 How to create EMPOWERING beliefs.

33:15 What your brain focuses on, you will create.

39:00 The power of building a vision and having a “why” that keeps you going.

42:00 The tool that is accessible to everyone that will make you 40% more likely to achieve your goal.

45:15 What commonalities do you see in leaders you work with?

49:00 The downside of only being externally driven.

54:40 How can you inspire others to take action to work on themselves?

57:00 What results do I want to create today?

59:15 What is the most impactful book you’ve read?

01:01:00 What is your ideal day?

01:03:00 What is required for you to conquer your day?

01:04:30 How can we learn more about working with you?

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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza


How to Do the Work by Dr. Nicole Lepera




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