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Conquer The Day

Dec 14, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All the things you need to know to boost your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Practices to optimize your brain’s health.
  • The unconventional methods you can take for better results.


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Show Notes:

A healthier you starts with a healthier brain! Our guest for today’s episode is psychiatrist Dr. Nadia Bening, here to divulge her wisdom on brain health, mental health, depression and anxiety, and much, much more! If you’ve been struggling to make progress with conventional methods, we may have the answers you need for long term results! What are the steps you can take to optimize your emotional wellbeing? How can you avoid getting stuck? What are helpful practices and tools for a healthy mindset? Find out what you can do to boost your vibrations and nurture your brain, so you can empower your best you! 

01:35 Meet certified psychiatrist and brain health coach, Dr. Nadia Bening!

04:00 What is brain health and how does it affect someone’s mental health?

06:45 How does the physical impact the mental and vice versa?

08:00 What does optimal brain health look like?

10:45 The difference between feeling depressed and being depressed.

13:30 How do many people end up fitting the criterion for depression?

15:55 How do you find the right problem to solve?

17:55 Can you change neural pathways?

20:15 What is a neural pathway and what does it control?

23:50 When someone is stuck, what can they do to break out of it?

27:25 How to avoid a dip in the cycle.

31:05 How does someone handle discomfort?

34:35 What are some practices people can do to optimize their mental and brain health?

40:05 The influence of technology on our mentality.

44:15 What is your process of helping people find peace?

48:20 What is the Get Psyched program?

50:05 The top three tools for brain health.

52:35 What has been the book you’ve gotten the most value out of?

54:20 What is your ideal day?

55:00 What do you need to do in order to conquer your day?