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Conquer The Day

Aug 16, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Overwhelm is the symptom, NOT the problem, and how to take your power back quickly!


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Show Notes:

As an ambitious person, someone who is working towards big goals, you’re going to feel challenged! That's a given! As you are taking on more responsibilities and rising to the next level, feeling overwhelmed is a completely understandable response. The thing is, we don’t want to stay there! In this episode, I (Lindsey) am here to share a coaching call I recently did with an elite client, and walk you through what we did together to help her gain clarity on the ACTUAL problem so she could move forward with confidence. I know what it feels like to have overwhelm lock you up and make you feel stuck. Tune in for ways to plan for when overwhelm starts to creep in, so you’re prepared before those feelings take over!


02:15 Is overwhelm affecting your performance?

05:00 What can I DO when I recognize that my life is being impacted by overwhelm?

08:00 Questions to ask yourself to gain awareness around what’s holding you back.

11:40 The impact of how you speak to yourself.

19:15 What brings you back from swirling in overwhelm?

22:00 The first step to take your power back from overwhelm!

23:20 Choose your go-to action when you start feeling overwhelm start to creep up.

25:15 Get out of fight or flight, and back in your body.

30:00 How I’ve learned to move quickly from stuck and overwhelm, to taking my power back!

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