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Conquer The Day

Mar 8, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to rewire and master your mindset.
  • The definitions of the three terms: stories, labels, and beliefs.
  • Why mindset mastery is important for your health.
  • How to build awareness, take action, and become present.


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Show Notes:

Are you the master of your own mind? Today’s episode will be covering everything you’ll need to understand, improve, and master your mindset! We’ll go over and define three terms: stories, labels, and beliefs, before we explore how they relate to rewiring your mind. What is the key to building awareness? Why should we practice conscious questioning? How can we start taking new actions? Don’t just master your mindset - learn how to conquer it!

01:25 What is the Self Mastery Summit?

04:10 How do you master your mindset?

06:10 Defining the three terms.

08:30 What is so important about mindset?

10:50 How can you tell if you’re an “all or nothing” person?

11:55 The back-burner mindset.

14:30 How does awareness help shift our mindsets?

18:10 What is conscious questioning?

19:40 Why do we need to take new actions?

23:25 What can elevating your community do for you?

26:10 Choosing and testing your beliefs.

27:25 How do you rewire your mind?