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Conquer The Day

Feb 8, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to approach meditation with neutrality and acceptance.
  • Practices for creating a non-judgmental space for curiosity, growth, and action.
  • The questions we need to ask ourselves.


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Show Notes:

Are you ready to elevate your meditation to the next level? Today we’re continuing on with part two of building awareness and self-improvement! This episode, we’re going over the key tools you’ll need for better, more impactful meditation. We’ll also share our favorite practices you can train daily to start taking more action. What happens when we accept our thoughts and emotions? How can we make more progress in a non-judgemental zone? Why should we allow ourselves to be curious? Find out the answer to these questions and start creating more change in your life today! 

01:25 Why is building awareness so important to self-improvement?

04:35 What is anti-fragility?

06:25 How to approach meditation with neutrality.

08:10 What is acceptance and how do we find it?

12:15 How can breath work help with anxiety?

14:45 The meaning of “exhibiting curiosity”.

17:10 What are the questions we should be asking ourselves?

19:55 How do these practices lead to taking action?

23:05 How and why do we get stuck in a mood?

25:00 Where do we start?

27:55 What are the curiosity questioning essentials?