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Conquer The Day

Oct 19, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What a quality night of sleep really is and how you can quantify it, invest in, and optimize it for more productive days
  • The definition of each distinct sleep cycle (light, deep, and REM sleep). Learn what they are and what their individual purposes serve
  • Why sleep is vital and necessary to our bodies and our health, and the top benefits we can expect to see from getting good sleep
  • What causes struggles and problems with getting a quality night’s sleep, and the best ways to fight back against stressors, break vicious cycles, and cut out bad habits
  • The role of caffeine in our daily lives - its effect and impact on sleep, the good and the bad, and how we can work around it without cutting out caffeine completely


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Show Notes:

Don’t hit that snooze button! It’s a new episode of Conquer the Day that you’ll want to be wide awake for! Joining us from across the pond is sleep performance coach, Gary Allman, here to share his wisdom about quality sleep and what it takes to achieve it. Going through our day-to-day lives with poor sleep can be a real nightmare, which is why we’re here to explore what “quality rest” actually is, the importance of getting it and the benefits it has, and how to identify the stressors that keep us from attaining it. After that, we’re giving you a wake up call about caffeine and how it impacts our bodies and our sleep. We’re discussing sleep cycles to chronotypes and everything in between to show why you should make your sleep a priority! This episode has everything you need so you can dream, achieve, and conquer your day!


01:05 Starring sleep coach, Gary Allman!

02:20 What does it mean to have a quality night’s rest, and how do you quantify it?

04:05 How long does each sleep cycle need to be?

06:40 Can you have REM in every sleep cycle?

07:50 Defining the different types of sleep phases (what they mean and their purposes).

10:25 What makes sleep so important to us? How is it vital to our health?

15:45 What can cause people to struggle with getting quality sleep?

19:30 How can we become aware of the stressors that affect our sleep?

24:10 When is the most ideal time to finish your meals for the day?

27:05 How does sleep benefit our bodies and health?

30:20 How would you advise someone who has chronic stress that affects their sleep?

33:50 The role of caffeine in our lives, and its relationship with sleep.

37:45 How can we get around caffeine without cutting it out entirely?

40:00 Optimizing our mornings for a productive day.

42:45 The negative impact of mixing caffeine with anxiety.

46:05 If someone has a restless mind and cannot sleep, what are some tactics they can do to fall asleep?

47:30 If someone is waking up often during the night, what could be causing it?

48:30 Ways to achieve better sleep if you struggle with falling back asleep after waking during the night. 

50:35 What your chronotype can tell you about your ideal schedule. (morning larks vs night owls)

53:00 What is your favorite book of all time?

53:40 What are the top two tools you would suggest people should have to attain good sleep?

55:25 What would be your ideal day?

56:20 What does it take for you to conquer your day?