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Conquer The Day

Jun 28, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Where and how to start your sustainable weight loss journey.
  • How to make progress without restricting yourself.
  • The wrong and right weight loss strategies.


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Show Notes:

Everyone knows the road to sustainable weight loss is long, but where do you start? Today’s episode will focus on how and where to begin your sustainable, and maintainable, weight loss journey so you can make the progress you’ve always wanted! We’ll share expert advice on the right and wrong approaches to losing weight, how to take care of the relationship between you and your health, overcoming the challenges that stop you from achieving your goals, and more. How can busy professionals sustainably lose weight (and maintain it!) without restricting themselves? Find out the answers and start your weight loss journey today!

01:30 Where should you start with weight loss?

03:20 How can professionals sustainably lose weight?

05:50 Why is doing nothing the best thing you can do at times?

07:10 What are the challenges that stop us from our goal?

09:30 How does black and white thinking stop us from progressing?

11:50 What is the right approach?

14:55 Why are expectations important for a weight loss journey?

16:30 Taking care of the relationship with your health.

18:30 How should we view our health?

21:00 What do we need to prioritize first?

22:10 Why should we prioritize strength training over cardiovascular training?

24:25 How to track daily food intake.

27:05 How do you sustainably lose weight and maintain it?