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Conquer The Day

Jan 31, 2023

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

A simple 3 step framework to get UNSTUCK, defeat procrastination and overcome overwhelm.


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Show Notes:

What are you procrastinating right now that would move you towards the results you want to see in your life? We all know that feeling of being “stuck”. In this episode, we’re sharing a simple 3 step framework to change the habit to procrastinate and allow overwhelm to get the best of you. This 3 step framework applies to everything in life from your health and finances, to relationships! Tune in for an example of how a client of ours is applying these tools to quit smoking, and how you can choose actions that give you the results you want!


02:00 The power of taking ownership of each of our decisions.

05:15 How to use the RPM method to break patterns and reset!

07:00 What is the result you want to produce?

09:20 What is the purpose or meaning behind what you want to do?

11:00 The power of asking yourself what action you need to take today.

15:00 How a client is changing old patterns to quit smoking.