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Conquer The Day

Jun 21, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to preserve and maintain your health and body.
  • Debunking misconceptions around psychedelics & alternative medicines.
  • How to develop more self reliance and personal ownership.
  • The key to self-defense, situational awareness, and keeping yourself (and your loved ones) safe.


Resources + Links:

Connect with Chance on Instagram | @chancelloraven


Learn more about psychedelic education at:

The Zen Project

Third Wave

MAPS Organization



She Comes First by Ian Kerner


Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray


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Show Notes:

How do you turn fear into empowerment? Our special guest this week is creative entrepreneur, Chancellor Aven, here to give his experience and advice on conquering stress & fear! In today’s podcast, we have an in-depth discussion on the health and safety of your body through developing pillars of self-reliance, protection, and preservation. First, Chance will share the challenges he faced during his health journey, and his long road to recovery via the use of alternative drugs and medicines.


Then, we want to dive into honing self-defense and preparation skills as useful tools for protection. How do you gain more situational awareness? Where can people start when learning how to defend themselves? How does this help to empower the groups of people that need it most? When it comes to your safety, there’s nothing more important - so don’t hesitate in learning the best ways to take care of yourself and the ones that matter in your life!

0:01:30 Meet Chancellor Aven, creative entrepreneur and founder of AVENHAUS, here to share his story of recovery and self-preservation!

0:02:50 What has been your health journey and health challenges?

0:07:30 What was the moment that made it worse?

0:09:25 During that time, did you think it was related to stress?

0:10:25 What was your experience under immense stress?

0:14:40 Facing the diagnosis.

0:16:00 How was your headspace during those six months?

0:20:05 What were the steps taken that helped you recover?

0:24:40 What is ketamine useful for?

0:26:00 How do you get ketamine?

0:28:30 How did your previous knowledge of CBD help you stay open to alternative treatments?

0:31:45 Breaking down the misconceptions around drugs.

0:33:20 Where can people educate themselves on psychedelics?

0:34:50 How do you maintain your state with the tools you’ve learned?

0:36:05 What have you found that is most useful to you?

0:37:45 How has self-reliance helped you to regulate?

0:42:00 Where should people start when learning self-defense?

0:43:10 What is your personal definition of self-protection?

0:46:40 What do people need to come to terms with when defending themselves?

0:51:30 The difference between fear and preparation.

0:53:20 What is stress inoculation? How can we increase it?

0:55:15 What are some helpful pillars people can start with?

0:58:10 Understanding firearms for personal responsibility & accountability.

1:01:25 Why is it important to have these conversations?

1:04:15 Who does the second amendment help to empower?

1:07:05 What book has impacted your life the most?

1:07:45 What does your ideal day look like for you?

1:08:45 What is your favorite movie and why?

1:09:10 What is one habit that helps you conquer your day?