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Conquer The Day

Jul 26, 2022

In This Episode, We Talk About:

Going from Extreme Restriction and Overindulging to living a healthy balanced life.

How Katelyn and Stephen communicated and supported each other during different seasons and lifestyle changes with their health.


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Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley 


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Show Notes:

Do you restrict yourself from certain foods, overindulge, or would you say you have a balanced diet? In today's episode, we’re so excited to introduce you to two of our assistant coaches here at The Fitness Project, Katelyn and Stephen Gannon! We share a lot of similarities in our journey’s from being competitive bodybuilders, and navigating health and nutrition after walking away from the stage. Katelyn and Stephen share everything in their journey from what a day of meals like while they were prepping for a competition, to overtraining to keep up with overindulging on the weekends. This episode is full of realizations and manageable shifts Katelyn and Stephen made to find a healthy balance with their nutrition! We’re excited for you to get to know more of our team, learn from their story, and the  advice they would have given themselves at different stages of their journey!


02:50 Meet two of our incredible assistant coaches, Katelyn and Stephen!

04:15 What got you into fitness in the first place?

06:40 What made fitness stick as a lifestyle for you?

09:00 Getting into Bodybuilding Competitions and the lessons we’ve learned.

13:00 A typical day of meals while we were prepping for a show.

18:50 What was the turning point where you decided it wasn’t worth the payoff to compete?

24:00 Did you recognize that you had changed from being over restrictive to overindulging?

28:30 How was your mental health as your habits changed around food?

31:00 Navigating the pandemic, losing our jobs, and deciding it was time to focus on our health.

35:40 How did you make the conscious choice to eat healthy without restriction?

39:00 Ways we supported each other in eating a balanced diet.

42:00 How to eat mindfully, recognize your hunger cues, and eat foods you enjoy in balance. 

48:50 What does your relationship look like with food now?

50:15 How has your mindset around training changed for the better?

53:30 What has been the most memorable coaching experience so far?

57:15 What is your favorite movie and book?

57:50 Our idea of a perfect day.

59:00 What advice would you give yourself 5 years in the future?

01:00:00 What is 1 thing you need in order to conquer your day?