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Conquer The Day

Jun 14, 2022

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to address, understand, and optimize your gut health for a healthier you.
  • Common causes of gut health issues, such as food sensitivity and stress.
  • The connection between gut health to the rest of your wellbeing.


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Show Notes:

We have a good feeling in our gut that you’ll love today’s episode! We’re joined by Erin Kenney, a registered dietician and expert on gut health and the digestive system. We’ll discuss the best ways to improve and optimize your gut health so you can take care of your body better than ever! What are the root causes behind gut health issues? What are the biomarkers of gut health we need to be aware of? Why is gut health so important to our overall health & wellness? Once you’re finished with this episode, you’ll know how to take care of your body from head to toe - and everything in between!

01:40 Meet Erin, a registered dietician specializing in digestive health, sports nutrition, and mental health!

03:20 Who needs to look at their gut health?

04:25 What is gut health?

07:00 Symptoms of poor gut health.

08:40 How does someone know if they have food sensitivity?

10:10 What causes food sensitivity?

13:50 What is an elimination diet?

16:00 Why is it important to understand and solve our gut health issues?

18:10 The most common root causes of poor gut health.

21:50 How can you address your gut health?

23:05 What are the signs you’re making progress with your gut health?

25:00 What do we do on a daily basis that impacts our gut health?

27:25 The effects of stress on the gut.

29:35 What does cortisol do to the gut?

31:45 What is the correlation between gut health and mental health?

34:05 How can we treat our gut health to help improve our mental health?

38:45 Where should people start when adding supplements to their gut health?

42:45 Is coffee a proper breakfast?

46:40 What is your favorite movie and why?

47:50 What is your ideal day?

48:25 What advice would you give yourself five years from now?

49:10 What one habit helps you conquer the day?